The Excel file below can be used for graphing the “Periodic Logged Data” that can be downloaded from the PentaMetric memory using the PMComm software installed on a Windows or Mac or Linux system. You must have “Excel” on your computer to use this file. Also, in the PentaMetric you must have programmed (program P40) to record history data once per hour. For instructions on using the “Excel Template” software, download the file: “How to Set Up PentaMetric for Recording and Graphing logged Data”.

The programs below will install “PMComm” on your Windows or Mac computer. We now recommend the “PMComm 2” versions shown below. Choose the one of the three suitable for your operating system. We list the others which are older, for reference. There is at least one bug in the older version that incorrectly downloads long files of the PentaMetric “Periodic Logged data,” although shorter files download properly.

Listed below are the latest versions of PMComm.  The compiled versions for Windows & MacOS are not signed.  You may encounter some warning messages when you try to install the software.  Please ignore the warnings and install them.

We no longer recommend the PMComm versions below. The programs below are listed only for reference.


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