You’ll never be in the dark with the very powerful trimetric Battery monitor

You’ll never be in the dark with the very powerful trimetric Battery monitor


battery monitor is a fuel gauge for a battery bank. It tells you how much energy or charge is left in the battery bank at any time.


A battery monitor constantly measures the energy or charge flow into and out of a battery bank and calculates how much energy or charge is left in the battery bank. In other words, a battery monitor is to your battery bank what a personal finance program is for your bank account!


One glance at the battery monitor will tell if you sufficient reserves in the bank to power your TV, cooktop for a short period; or your CPAP all night.

Battery monitors can even tell if the batteries are losing their capacity to store charge as they age & if they need to be replaced. Easily perform monthly capacity tests to see if there’s a change.


Yes! especially if you spend a lot of time unconnected to the grid or boondocking. A motorhome without a battery monitor is like a car without a dashboard fuel gauge.

Trimetric TM-2030 Battery Monitors

For over 35 years, Trimetric Battery Monitors have been the golden standard against which all battery monitors are compared.

The Trimetric battery monitor has the precision of a Swiss watch and the robustness & reliability of a German automobile. Trimetric monitors sold & placed in service 35 years ago are still in operation. The TM-2030 the latest model in the Trimetric line. 

As a fuel gauge, the Trimetric battery monitor works with all battery types (AGM, flooded cell lead acid, lithium LFP, nickel iron) and will accurately track and help you plan your energy usage.

The TM-2030 Trimetric Monitor is the only battery monitor in the market that computes & displays replaced charge percentage (rPC). This parameter is useful to ensure that the battery bank is fully charged and no traces amounts of lead sulfate is left behind.

The Trimetric battery monitor and its companion products,  SC-2030 Solar Charger and WF-2030 WiFi Module, let you effortlessly and wirelessly manage your RV or truck camper batteries and free you to enjoy the great outdoors.

The TM-2030 opens up many advanced features of the SC-2030 Solar Charger, features that are not available in any other solar charger. these include Amp-hrs based charging termination, user-defined overcharge to prevent sulfation, customizable low temperature charging cut-off, etc.
TM-2030-RV Battery Monitor
TM-2030-RV Battery Monitor

Shunt based Battery Monitor.  More accurate, stable & reliable than Hall effect based monitors.

●Measures battery % full, based on amp hour measurements for accurate information on state of charge (SOC). This method is more accurate than meters

●Use the TM-2030 Battery Monitor with the WF-2030 WiFi module for remote access from smartphones, tablets and PCs. WIFi offers better range than Bluetooth.

●Allows Amp-hrs based battery charging when used with the SC-2030 Solar charger to prevent or minimize sulfation. This feature is exclusive to our products and has been demonstrated to extend battery life.

● Displays battery charging or discharging Amps (or Watts). Useful for conducting energy audits of your system and help you determine if you need to add storage (or charging) capacity.

● Tracks # of days since the last time batteries were charged or equalized.

● Suitable for battery bank voltage voltage 10 to 75V.

● Audible low battery alarm, based on volts and % full. May be silenced.  Avoid inverter shutdowns by properly charging the batteries.

● Shows replaced percentage of charge, compared to most recent discharge. To extend battery life, charge batteries 5-20% more than what was taken out during the last discharge event.

● Incorporates lightning protection.

● Easy to read display.  If needed, display may be turned off.

● Logs battery bank data that is useful for troubleshooting your system.

● includes a serial data port for connection to computers.

Data for each of the last five charge/discharge cycles:

● Length of the cycle.

TM-2030-A Battery Monitor
TM-2030-A Battery Monitor

● How long ago the cycle ended.

● Lowest % full reading

● Lowest battery voltage.

● Cycle charge efficiency (percent)

Data for each of the last five days.

● Highest voltage that day.

● Lowest charging current.

● Total percentage overcharge for that day.

● Sizes: smaller (RV) is 3 x 5-1/4 x 1-3/8 inches deep. Larger (A) is 4-1/2 x 4 -3/4 x 1-1/4 inches deep.

● Requires a  shunt:  Either a 500A/50mV shunt that allows current measurements from 0.1-400 Amps. Or, a 100A/100mV shunt that allows current measurements from 0.01- 75 Amps. L

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