Compact, Efficient & Powerful Solar Charge controller for Your RV & campervan

Compact, Efficient & Powerful Solar Charge controller for Your RV & campervan

Are you in need of a highly reliable and high-performance solar charger for your RV or campervan? Look no further than the SC-2030! This compact PWM Solar Charger, when used with the TM-2030 battery monitor, provides unparalleled control over the charging process, extending the life of your expensive batteries.

But that’s not all! Our solar charger also offers a low-temperature charging cut-off at a user-specified temperature(10C to -5C), making it the perfect choice for charging your lithium batteries. And, with compatibility for lead-acid, lithium LFP, Nickel-Iron, and other battery chemistries, the SC-2030 is versatile and powerful.

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We call our controller “smart” because we’ve packed it with electro-chemistry and battery charging principles that allow us to control the charging process in a way that no other solar charger can. Plus, our controller can even connect to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer!

Not convinced yet? Our solar charger uses Amp-hrs returned in addition to voltage and trailing current criteria to ensure a fully charged condition, preventing sulfation and extending the life of your batteries. And, with a built-in shunt for measuring solar current, the SC-2030 is the best choice for RV and camper solar installations where high panel temperatures cause a significant drop in panel voltage and power.

Our solar charger is also more reliable than many MPPT controllers, consuming less than 5 Watts for its operation when delivering 31 Amps to a battery bank. Even the most efficient MPPT controller consume 35 Watts or more causing them to heat up and fail prematurely . And, with the ability to be used as a DC-DC charger to charge a house battery using the vehicle’s battery/alternator or as a high-performance shore power charger, the SC-2030 is the ultimate choice for your solar charging needs.

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For a wiring diagram, technical details on charging, and to see what’s involved to install it, visit our Support and Applications pages.

Small size: 3 x 5 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches; 7.6 X 13.3 X 7 cm.

SC-2030 as a DC-DC Vehicle Charger for Lithium Battery:


Made in the U.S.A.