Battery Monitors

Battery Monitors

Trimetric Battery Monitors – Simply The Best

Wondering if your RV’s house batteries are charged sufficiently?  Or, if the batteries will power your CPAP all  night?  Want to measure your RV energy usage before you decide to buy new batteries?  Planning an extended dry camping (boondocking) experience and want to know if the batteries can handle it? Looking for a way to keep an eye on your cabin’s solar batteries or your boat’s marine batteries? Looking for a smartphone WiFi capable battery monitor?

The Trimetric battery monitors provide a high degree of insight into your battery system.  The Trimetric is a fuel gauge for all battery types (AGM, flood cell lead acid, lithium LFP, nickel iron) and will accurately track and help you plan your energy usage.  The Trimetric and its companion products,  SC-2030 Solar Charger and WF-2030, let you effortlessly manage your RV’s batteries and free you to enjoy the great outdoors.

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You’ll never be in the the dark with the Trimetric


●Highly capable battery monitor that tracks vital statistics of a battery bank.

●Measures battery % full, based on amp hour measurements for accurate information on state of charge (SOC). This method is more accurate than meters that use only voltage to determine how full your batteries are—especially when they are between 30-90% full. Battery system size: 10-10,000 amp hours.

●Use the TM-2030 with the WF-2030 WiFi module for remote access from smartphones, tablets and PCs.

●Allows Amp-hrs based battery charging when used with the SC-2030 Solar charger to fully convert lead sulfate

● Measures battery charging or discharging amps (or watts); Verify chargers are working properly, view loads and how much current they are drawing, and check for phantom loads you may not have been aware of.

● Measures battery volts (9.0 to 75): to verify that chargers are charging to correct voltage for your batteries.

● Audible low battery alarm, based on volts and % full. May be silenced.

● Measures days since charged:  Shows how many days have elapsed since batteries were last fully charged. Batteries can lose their ability to hold a charge if they are not fully charged on a regular basis.

● Shows days since equalized: A reminder to equalize at appropriate time if you perform manual equalizations.

● Displays replaced percentage of charge, compared to most recent discharge–Many battery company experts are now recommending that when recharging, 110-120% of recently withdrawn energy should be replaced for wet cell lead acid batteries to prevent loss of capacity—and 104-108% for AGM types. This new function makes it easy to determine if they have been sufficiently charged.

● Incorporates lightning protection.

● Easy to read display.  If needed, display may be turned off.

● View logged history data: Helpful to verify your system is working properly.

Data for each of the last five charge/discharge cycles:

● Length of the cycle.


● How long ago the cycle ended.

● Lowest % full reading

● Lowest battery voltage.

● Cycle charge efficiency (percent)

Data for each of the last five days.

● Highest voltage that day.

● Lowest charging current.

● Total percentage overcharge for that day.

● Sizes: smaller (RV) is 3 x 5-1/4 x 1-3/8 inches deep. Larger (A) is 4-1/2 x 4 -3/4 x 1-1/4 inches deep.

● Requires one of two shunts: 500A/50mV shunt allows amp measurements from 0.1-over 400 Amps. 100A/100mV shunt allows amp measurements from 0.01- over 70 Amps. Larger shunts allow higher current limits.  1000A/100mV shunt (rarely used) may be used (with the “H” shunt setting).

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