PentaMetric Battery System

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PentaMetric Battery System

PentaMetric Components:

  • PM-5000-U PentaMetric input unit
  • PM-100-D  PentaMetric display unit
  • PM-100-C  RS232 Computer interface
  • PM-102-USB  USB computer interface
  • PM-101-CE  Ethernet/Internet interface

Highlights of PentaMetric capabilities:

The new PentaMetric battery monitor system offers a lot more capability than the TriMetric monitor. The PentaMetric has the capability for doing system data analysis utilizing a computer.   

  • It measures 1 or 2 battery systems with a common negative.
  • With one battery system, battery current plus two charging current sources can be separately measured. Two voltages can be measured. Watts, watt hours and amp hours are also measured.
  • It has a computer interface that can control and read data on a local computer, or also over the internet.  
  • It can log data that can be imported to a spreadsheet and graphed to analyze performance and diagnose system problems.  System efficiency  (ratio of amp hours charged to amp hours discharged for each charge cycle)  is regularly logged. (also see “How to graph and analyze reneewable energy system performance using the PentaMetric logged data” (PDF, about 20 pages)
  • Regular “real time” system data is available along with audible and visual alarms  with PentaMetric display unit that has a two line LCD display readout.
  • The PentaMetric requires more knowledge and commitment to fully utilize its capability than the TriMetric. We suggest that you examine the instruction manual by downloading it from this web site to see if it is appropriate for your application. PentaMetric instructions (PDF download, 40 pages)

PentaMetric photos:

The Pentametric System consists of these components. Data Input unit (1) is required. Either item 2 or 3 or both may be used to read and control the PentaMetric:

  1. 1. Required Data input unit to collect, process and log data (near batteries)
  2. Readout unit (shown above) with 2 line LCD display and control buttons connected by 4 wire cable up to 1000 feet (300 M) from input unit.
  3. Three choices of computer interfaces are available with software to control and read out all data using a Windows computer.
  • PM-100-C : RS232 interface
  • PM-100-USB : USB interface.
  • PM-101-CE Ethernet interface with internet communications (TCP/IP)which can be connected to a computer or Internet router

The PMComm sofware (included with any of these computer interfaces) allows a Windows computer to read all data and control all functions of the PentaMetric.  We also provide information for programmers who wish to access the data with their own programs.

One page summary: PentaMetric specifications and functions

For more information see these documents