Plug & Play Long Range & Reliable WiFi Monitor

Effortlessly monitor your RV Battery monitor with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop

  • Connects to the TM-2030 Battery monitor and the SC-2030, if installed
  • Sets up a local WiFi hotspot and serves web pages with battery bank info and TM-2030 configuration parameters and solar charging data.
  • Longer range than Bluetooth type devices – up to 300 ft.
  • No special app or software needed
  • Use any WiFi equipped device and your favorite browser to access battery info and edit configuration parameters
  • WF-2030 can join a properly configured internet connected WiFi network and let you keep an eye on your batteries from anywhere in the world with internet access – see the WF-2030 in action here (if this link is not working, it means that we may have taken the demo unit offline for testing)

To be compatible with the WF-2030, a TM-2030 must run firmware version 2.5 (released 2017) or later and an SC-2030 must run version 9 (2017) or later.

To purchase a WF-2030, please visit