Essential Products for RV’s and Off-grid Battery Power Systems




For over 30 years we’ve made shunt based battery monitors and solar chargers that give you insight into your battery storage systems. Our products are manufactured in the US, in our California/Silicon Valley facilities.

If you depend on batteries for power in your off-grid cabin, RVs, campers or boats, our battery gauges are indispensable. They show you how full your batteries are, if charging sources are still charging like they used to, how fast your loads are drawing power, and to check whether your batteries are still storing energy as they should.

If you use solar panels in your RV or truck camper, consider our SC-2030 Solar Charge Controller. Combined with our Trimetric TM-2030 Battery Monitor, the SC-2030 offers complete control over charging of the RV batteries, including automatic daily mini-equalization, to extend the life of your flooded cells, AGM or lithium LFP batteries.

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If you’re here on your research for RV battery monitoring and solar options, please contact us. We’ll offer you objective, unbiased suggestions & tips in designing a reliable & high performance RV battery monitoring & solar system; we’ve even recommended products from our competition if we felt they were better for a specific situation.

Frustrated that the shore power charger in your RV is not charging the batteries properly or that you’re not able to customize the profiles?
You’re not alone!
A recurring feedback from our customers is how dissatisfied they are with the built-in shore power charger in their rig. We even published a workaround to deal with the the deficiencies.
We’re now set to solve this by designing a very capable shore power charger.
Preliminary specs:
Max charging current – 45 Amps @ 12-16V DC
Input voltage/current: 115V AC 8 Amps
User settable absorption, float & equalize stage voltage setpoints
User settable dwell times for all stages
User settable start/restart voltages for bulk & absorb stages
Battery temperature sensor for automatic compensation
Ability to turn off float & equalization stages (for lithium batteries)
Compatible with lead-acid (AGM, Gel, flooded), lithium (LFP, Li-MNC), NiFe
Competitively priced
Please indicate your interest in this product by sending us an email with the subject “Count me in for the best shore power charger!!”. We’ll contact you once we’re ready to ship them.
Email address: bogart at bogartengineering dot com