Manuals for Obsolete Products

Manuals for Obsolete Products

The following Trimetric battery monitor models are no longer provided with service or support.  If you have one of these monitors that has failed, the only option is to replace it with a Trimetric  TM-2030 monitor.  This monitor is a drop-in replacement to the older models and uses the same wiring (assuming the wiring is in good condition) and the shunt.  You may purchase a TM-2030 at our on-line store –

TriMetric TM-2 Manual Part 1

TriMetric TM-2 Manual Part 2

TriMetric TM-2020 Manual

TM-48-VA Adapter Instructions (for TriMetric TM-2020 or TM-2B models only)

TriMetric TM-2025 Installer Manual

TriMetric TM-2025 User Manual


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