Charging Parameters

Charging Parameters

Use this program to help you find proper setpoint values for charging batteries for SC-2030 Solar Charger

When the TM2030 and SC2030 are connected together, there are 8 charging parameters you must enter in the TM-2030 that determine proper charging.

After you identify the battery model or type and enter some battery system values, these eight values will be displayed.

At any time after they are programmed into the TM-2030 you may individually modify any of these parameters.

If your battery is not listed, contact Bogart Engineering and we will try to find the correct parameters.

For technical people who want a custom setup, or who want to know what these parameters do:: Look on pages 13 and 14 in the “SC2030 User’s Instructions". Two charging profiles describe the function of each of the 8 parameters.


Who is your battery manufacturer:

What is your battery model #:

What is the voltage of each battery?  6V      12V

What is the amp-hour capacity of each battery?

What is your System Voltage?  12V      24V  

How many batteries in your system?


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