Charging Parameters

Charging Parameters

Use this program to help you find initial charging parameters for the SC-2030 Solar Charger. Adjust P1, P2, P14, P15, P21 after a few charge/discharge cycles to obtain stable performance.

When the TM2030 and SC2030 are connected together, there are 8 charging parameters you must enter in the TM-2030 that determine proper charging.
After you identify the battery model or type and enter some battery system values, these eight values will be displayed.

At any time after they are programmed into the TM-2030 you may individually modify any of these parameters.

Please note: P3 has a default value of 220 amp hours. You must enter the correct battery amp hour capacity for your system.

If your battery is not listed, start with the settings for a generic AGM/Gel or flooded cell type battery and then fine tune the parameters based on your usage patterns.

For more information on each charging parameter, refer to the SC-2030 Technical Manual.

Important! Battery charging recommendations provided on the Bogart Engineering website, including the charge parameter calculator and SC-2030 instructions, as well as contained in Trimetric TM-2030 firmware and instructions, are based on data directly obtained from the battery manufacturer. Charging recommendations are subject to change without notice, and Bogart Engineering makes no guarantee of the accuracy of this information.

We suggest that any battery charging information located on be verified by contacting the battery manufacturer directly.


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