PentaMetric Components

PentaMetric Components

Penta Metric Battery System Monitor Components

PM-5000-U Input Unit is required for the PentaMetric system. Either the PM-100-D or one of the three computer interfaces is required to control and view all functions. Or the PM-100-D and ONE of the computer interfaces may be used together.

For more detailed information about the PentaMetric system and capabilities, read Section 1 in the “PentaMetric Main Instruction Manual” which you can download in “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” listed lower right.
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PM-5000-U Input UnitPM-5000-U
Input Unit

PM-100-D Display UnitPM-100-D
Display Unit

PM-5000-U Input Unit  is required for the PentaMetric system. It locates near batteries being monitored to collect data from battery system. To control and read the data it requires connection via 4 wire cable to PM-100-D Display unit, or any one of three computer interface Computer Interface units (below). Or you may use the PM-100-D together with any of the computer interface units. Requires up to three shunts for measuring three amps channels.

For more details see Section 1 in “PentaMetric Main Instruction Manual” downloadable from right column.

PM-100-D Display Unit with LCD display offers one method of controlling and observing data collected from PM-5000-U input unit without a computer. You can customize the top five buttons to display items of your choosing. The display panel has a pocket in which you may insert a label which you can print using your computer, from a “Word” file downloadable from our web site, to identify the display choices you have made. Has audible alarm for battery low voltage, high voltage or “reached full charge” event.


Three PentaMetric Computer Interface Options — LEFT: for USB connection. CENTER: Ethernet computer/Internet connection. RIGHT: Old fashioned RS232 com





PM-101-CE Ethernet Computer Interface 

Ethernet Computer Interface

PM-100-C RS232 Computer 

RS232 Computer



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