Brief Product Descriptions

Brief Product Descriptions

TriMetric Monitors

• Most popular choice for monitoring off-grid homes, RV’s or boats.
• All models show volts, battery charging and discharging amps, % full based on measured amp hours—and more
• Simple data logging focuses on identifying system problems. 
• The TM-2030-RV is easily fastened to a wall. The TM-2030-A fits into a “double gang box” and is easier to flush mount.
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Solar Charger

• Works with the TM-2030 TriMetric monitor to provide precise charging in accordance with battery manufacturer recommendations.
• Returns a measured amount of amp hours—and also has a higher voltage, current regulated finish charge to avoid battery undercharge or overcharge.
• Connects to TM-2030 monitor (see lower left) with common telephone cable to access all settings and readings.
• 30 Amps maximum solar current, 12 or 24V systems, PWM technology at lower complexity and cost than MPPT technology with approximately the same efficiency when using solar panelsproduct-solar-sm with voltage matched to batteries.
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PentaMetric Battery Monitor System

• More data than the TriMetric and more complex. Control with local LCD data display or use computer with optional internet access to data.

• Three amps channels to separately monitor battery amps, solar amps and an additional channel.

• Data logging: Periodic measurement of solar input, percentage full, volts, watts, amp-hours, charge-discharge efficiency factor and more.

• Relay control can be used to control a generator for charging. More details


Made in the U.S.A.