Brief Product Descriptions

Brief Product Descriptions

Bogart Engineering is the manufacturer of Trimetric & Pentametric brand of battery monitors & solar chargers.  We’re a team of engineers & scientists with experience in solar & battery technologies.  If you researching batteries or solar technologies for use in your RV and have questions or need suggestions, contact us.  We’ll do our best to help.

Trimetric Battery Monitor

• Most popular battery monitor for monitoring batteries in off-grid homes, RV’s or boats.
• Displays volts, battery amps, % capacity remaining & more.

• View history data to identify system problems.
• Available in two versions – RV version for surface mounting and the A version for flush install.
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WF-2030 WiFi Module

• Access all of TM-2030 battery monitor’s functions from a smartphone, tablet, or any WiFi equipped device.

• Adds remote viewing capability to TM-2030 Battery Monitor and SC-2030 Solar Charger

• Installs in minutes

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Solar Charge Controller

• Works with the TM-2030 Battery monitor as a 4-stage PWM charge controller to provide precise charging in accordance with battery manufacturer recommendations.
• Returns a measured amount of amp hours—and also has a higher voltage, current regulated finish charge to avoid battery undercharge or overcharge or sulfation.
• Connects to TM-2030 monitor with crossover-type telephone cable (included with each SC-2030) to access all settings and readings.
• 30 Amps maximum solar current, 12 or 24V systems, PWM technology at lower complexity and cost than MPPT technology with approximately the same efficiency when using solar panelsproduct-solar-sm with voltage matched to batteries.
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PentaMetric Battery Monitor

• Very capable battery monitor with more data than the TriMetric monitor and more complex. Control with local LCD data display or use computer with optional internet access to data.

• Three amps channels to separately monitor battery amps, solar amps and an additional channel.

• Data logging: Periodic measurement of solar input, percentage full, volts, watts, amp-hours, charge-discharge efficiency factor and more.

• Relay control can be used to control a generator for charging. More details


Made in the U.S.A.