Product Updates, Bugs & Issues

Product Updates, Bugs & Issues

Product Updates:

All product updates have been incorporated into present products unless otherwise noted.

For TM-2030, August 2016, firmware version 2.5:  Allows for connection of 2 SC-2030s for up to 62 amps current.  Connecting kit required.  Firmware version 9 for SC-2030 also required.

For TM-2030, January 2015, firmware version 2.2: When using the TM-2030 Monitor to control the SC-2030 Solar charger, this update adds an option to deliver a manual equalization cycle (a higher voltage overcharge) to batteries. Also adds a display item: In addition to the “rPC” display that shows the amount of percent charge replaced compared to previous low discharge, it now allows viewing the amp hour value of the low discharge upon which “rPC” is based.  

Manual Equalization Option for TM-2030

For TM-2030, October 2014: This update applies to people using the TM-2030 Monitor to control the SC-2030 Solar Charger. Proper charging sometimes results in battery voltage that goes higher than some components connected to the batteries can tolerate, particular in RV’s. As an expedient, this update allows you to set a maximum upper limit  voltage that the SC-2030 charger is allowed to charge. 

New Program Mode for TM-2030 to Limit Maximum Voltage

SC-2030 Product Issue:  We have found that a few installers have wired the Solar Input, or the Battery output with reversed connections to the SC-2030–for example with Solar input minus going to + , and + going to minus in. This instantly damages the SC-2030.  We have added (2016) a minor change to the design that prevents this from happening.  We still highly recommend checking carefully the + and – polarity before connecting…although we expect that with the modified design damage will not occur when connected with reversed polarity.

Product Bugs History:

Below is a history of known present and past bugs for each product, with information about when they were fixed. All products with these defects will be fixed at no charge if sent to us.

-Bugs in TM-2030 and SC-2030

Bugs in TM-2025

For more details regarding known product issues, click here.



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