News and Updates

News and Updates


Welcome to readers of the recent Home Power Magazine Ad! For a summary of the main features of our SC-2030 Solar charger or TM-2030 Battery System monitor, download two page brochure shown at left. If you’d like to get a brief description and illustration for what’s involved to install the TM-2030 Battery Monitor or SC-2030 Solar Charger you can download the following pdf file. (two pages) Brief Installation Description for TM-2030 or SC-2030

If you would like more details on the SC-2030 Solar Charger–including quite a bit of technical detail including charging profiles, download the following pdf file. SC-2030 User’s Manual 9-10-15.pdf

If you are interested in our view on the often controversial topic of the benefits of “MPPT” verses “PWM” technology used in Solar Charge Controllers, go to the top of this page under “Support”, “Frequently Answered Questions” then select question “C1”

For more extensive information about the TriMetric TM-2030 battery monitor, go to the top of this page and select “Products”, then “TriMetric Battery System”

Thank you for your interest in our products.





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