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Technical Questions:  

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Our FAQ page contains many of the answers to common questions about our products.  

Some of the most common are:

Battery % Full display shows only dashes

This is normal.  The Trimetric must meet the P1 and P2 setpoint criteria simultaneously once before it will display a percent full value.  This will need to occur again if the Trimetric is disconnected for any reason.   These values (voltage and amps set-points)  tell the Trimetric when the battery is full.  

% Full display seems incorrect

How do I program my meter and/or what values to enter for programmable data P1-P22?  Instructions for entering programmable data.

Amps seem incorrect

SC-2030 “not charging”

All of our Instruction Manuals are available for download on our website.  Click here

Please review our Product Page, as well as our Support Page before contacting us.  

Monitoring and Battery Basics:  Explanation of functions, battery and system maintenance, and using the TriMetric to maintain battery systems.

Our Troubleshooting Guide is a helpful tool to assist in diagnosing system problems.  

For instructions on how to program your TM-2030, click here

You’ll find answers to general questions and technical notes on our Application Notes page.

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