For twenty-five years we’ve made battery system monitors that give you insight into your system. If you depend on batteries for power, our monitors show how full your batteries are, if charging sources are still charging like they used to, how fast your loads are drawing power, and to check whether your batteries are still storing energy as they should. Without an accurate monitor, you may be unaware of a problem until you run out of power.

If you use solar panels in your system, our new Solar Charger works with our new TriMetric TM-2030 Monitor (only) and offers unusually precise charging for longest battery life.

TriMetric Battery Management System

30 Amp PWM 3-4 Stage Charging with

Advanced Monitoring Capability

New  All-in-One kit includes TM-2030 battery monitor, SC-2030 30-Amp PWM solar charge controller, and required accessories details

 Contact us for purchase options of the Trimetric BMS kit.


Made in the U.S.A.